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 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~*

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Registration date : 04/09/2008

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~*   *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 07, 2008 9:30 am

*~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Zephyreu7xe5
"Ready for a great adventure?"

The Astro region is a huge region in the world of Pokémon, and it is a neighbor of Hoenn. This region is very beautiful, with many forests, jungles, beaches, deserts, etc...

Year 2000 October, The police has discovered a new criminal band in the Hoenn region, the Dakko Team, the most cruel criminal organization ever known after the disbanding of Team Rocket. There are reports that this criminal band has expanded and moved into the Astro region. Their first goal is to catch the legendary Pokémon of the Astro Region: Darkrai. When this Pokémon is together with Palkia, Dialga and the legendary Twilight Gem, it has the power of controlling time and space, and the entire world. Only a legendary Pokémon Trainer can save humanity and all of the Pokémon, a trainer with enough courage and power...

Year 2001 February, Team Dakko has now built many headquarters in the Astro Region, as centres of investigation. They may be looking for Darkrai and other Pokémon.

Year 2001 June. Brendan/May has arrived from Kanto to Astro in a failed attempt to get his/her Pokémon from the very famous Professor Oak. Brendan/May are from Hoenn, but because of some weird incidents there, such as droughts and terrible thunderstorms, Brendan/May get their Pokémon from the Prof. Ahgoo, the most famous Professor in the Astro region. Then your adventure begins.

Hack Of: FireRed (U) [BPRE]
Language: English
Author: Twilite Darkrai

New Scenery
With new maps and new tiles, this will be the most exciting adventure of your life!

New Events
Scripts written from scratch, new dialogues that may include humoristic scenes.

D/P Pokémon
Yeah! 42 Pokémon from the 4th generation!

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*~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* 2 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* 3 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* 5 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* 6 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* 7 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* 8 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* 10 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* 13 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* 15 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* 16 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* 18 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* 19 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* 20 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Globescreenid0
*~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* 21 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* New *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* New1
*~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* New2 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Newiceij6 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Newice1jd3
*~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Newice2mc0 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Newice3ns9 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Jetplaneju6
*~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Phanteon111rr5 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Shayminfi3 *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Shayminskyformejz4

» Sky Village (Past) Event 1
» In The Sky
» Mirtain City Tour
» You can watch more videos in the Zephyr's Youtube Channel

[ BUGS ]
» None yet! =)

[ TEAM ]

Twilite Darkrai
Leader/Mapping/Scripting/Spriting/Graphic Editing
Supervisor/Beta Tester/Spriter/OW Maker
Beta Tester
Shadow Arcanine
Spriter/OW Maker/Beta Tester
TB Pro!
Mapper/Beta Tester
Forgotten Memory
Spriter Supervisor

WAH for tiles and OWs
DJG for DP sprites
Zel for SG mountain palettes and graphics
Kyledove for his AWESOME tiles
Coronis for OWs and Sprites.
Pokesho and the spriters resource for some OW and sprites.
Zeikku for the giratina sprite
Fangking Omega for Icy Tiles
Cooley for hack tips and support!
Makunouchi for some Maps!
Alistair and PHO for some awesome tiles
Dshayabusa for the base CSS of the thread.
Sk0ria for all the support and some tiles from his hack!
Neos for the aztecs OWs.
Tony The Awesome for looping some song for me *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Happy2
And anybody who support this hack.
People who made the tools we use.


*~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Signaturejb5


*~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Zephyrbutton01up6


*~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Zephyr

*~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Pzvsuprf3


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New Trainer

Tổng số bài gửi : 1
Registration date : 03/11/2008

*~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* Empty
Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~*   *~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~* I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 03, 2008 10:18 pm

em la` thanh vien moi mong moi nguoi wan tam toi em nhe
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*~*Pokémon Zephyr Version*~*
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